Friday, February 8, 2013

To Trust a Thief by Michelle McLean

This evening I was able to finished To Trust A Thief by Michelle McLean. I must say that the story was intriguing. Here's why:

First off you have a few characters that really make the story come to life:

Minuette Sinclair: Heroine, father and mother still stuck on Nevis and she needs to find away to get them to England.
Bryant Westley: The Thief trying to get the Courtland lost necklace.
Dr. Arthur Carmichael: Friend of Min and fake fiancé. Secretly hoping it actually happens.
Lord Rellik: The bad guy who hires Bryant to get the necklace.
Lady Katherine Worthwright: Wretched young lady who doesn't like Min.
Aunt Laura: also Lady Courtland, owns Thornmont where she started a finishing school.

Is it possible to trust a thief? Well, that is what Min needs to find out. Or should she just go on this adventure along?

Honestly, I found this story entertaining. First off when you have a fake engagement, it usually makes the things very interesting. I love how Min tends to be accident-prone, which makes Min fabulous. I actually like that quality in a heroine, because it tends to make them more relatable if they are flawed. Boy is Min flawed. Then you have Bryant who wants out of being under Lord Rellik's thumb. Somehow he develops a conscious along the way. I enjoyed seeing how Bryant and Min learn to trust one another as they try to find the jewel.

Overall, it is a well thought out story with lovable thief and a feisty heroine. So, if you are looking for a little adventure and mystery you might want to read To Trust a Thief. I thought it was an adventure worth taking.

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