Thursday, February 21, 2013

eARC: The Problem with Seduction by Emma Locke

Today I just finished The Problem with Seduction by Emma Locke. So let's just dive into the story and my thoughts.

The last time we saw Elizabeth Spencer, she was falling apart over the lost her child Oliver. Really heart-breaking. However, she came up with an hair-brain scheme to get her child back from her former-lover Captain Nicholas Finn. What better way than ask someone who might be in need some of some funds?

Lord Constantine Alexander happens to be that man. Constantine is in desperate need of funds to avoid the gaol. So, he accepts the terms of the agreement to get these funds. The challenge he has to overcome is to present reasonable doubt that Captain Finn might not be the child's father. Sounds easy enough, right? Oh boy.

First off, I did enjoy the first book The Trouble with Being Wicked and saw a lot of potential. Now that I have I read the second book The Problem with Seduction I have to say  that it might be better than the first book. So here we go with more thoughts.

I absolutely adore Constantine. To his family and friends he appears to be this dissolute rake, when actually he has a heart of gold. Oh my gosh, Constantine would give the shirt off his back to help someone he cares about, which kind of landed him in trouble in the first place. In some aspect he is kind of gullible, but as the story progresses he learns to be a little more firm.

Then you have Elizabeth Spencer. Elizabeth starts to realize she needs to change her lifestyle in order to create a better life for Oliver. So, she is reform courtesan. Granted she doesn't slip back into old habits, but some her her seductive ways still make their presence known. It's hard to make a clean break from something you have been doing for 10 years of your life.

I must say this story is a little different from the first book and I think a lot of has to do with Constantine and his a lovable loyal goofy personality. Don't get me wrong, Constantine might be all those characteristic, but he also carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Yet, he manages not to let it get to him, in my book that makes him amazing. I love the dynamic of Constantine and Elizabeth's relationship and how they get to know one another.

Overall, I enjoyed the The Problem with Seduction and seriously can't wait for more. Especially, since the next story deals with Constantine's older brother and I hope we get to see more stories about the other brothers. So, if you are looking for a story about a reform courtesan and a lovable hero you might want to read The Problem with Seduction.

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  1. Great review! I'm glad to hear your take on Emma Locke's next book. The hero sounds like the highlight of the story.

    1. Love the hero. He really is a great guy. I can't wait for the next story, because its Ash's sister and Constantine's older brother. Oh dear, that's going to go over well. :D