Saturday, February 2, 2013

eARC: Drive Me Crazy by Marquita Valentine

Ok, I'm super excited to bring to you a new book from Marquita Valentine (flailing arms). If y'all know me, I love Marquita's writing, and I love when she has a new book to read. This is no exception. Just this morning I finished Drive Me Crazy which happens to be the first book in her new series Going the Distance Series. I don't know how many of you had read the Holland Springs Series, if you have then you would know that Melanie and Carter have been married for sometime. If you haven't, they will marry and sorry to spoil it for you.

However, this story focuses on how Carter and Melanie and how they got together. You would think since she's Zoe's best friend she would magically marry Zoe's older brother. I guess that only happens in dreams.

Talk about two people who grew up in totally different backgrounds. Melanie basically grew up in a very unstable home and it's amazing how well she came out of the situation. While Carter grew up in a stable environment. The only stable thing is Melanie's life was her friendship with Zoe.

Well, Melanie was able to get a job working for Carter. The perfect situation to make her way into his life and become Mrs. Carter Ambrose. However, there is only one problem standing in her way, April Billingsworth. Darn those exes. With Melanie background she doesn't have a chance, not when she's compared to the Governor's daughter. Could there be hope? Of course there is, but it's the uphill battles ahead.

I love Melanie's sassiness. She would be the opposite of what you would take home to momma. I mean she is brash, mouthy, saucy and whatever other synonyms you can find. Then you have Carter, by the way, LOVE HIM. Although there are times I just wanted to smack the boy upside his head, seriously. The boy obviously doesn't have his brain connected to the mouth with some of the things he says. However, I found this series entertaining and fun. Plus, who doesn't love a boy who make dirtiest thing sound so hot.

Nothing like having a book that makes you want more. Seriously can't wait for the next installment of Going the Distance series. However, I would say have your fan ready, because Carter sure does bring in the heat. Plus, Melanie is a lot of fun. So, I hope y'all get a chance to check this story out.

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  1. :D Great review, Melody! I'm quickly working through the last few chapters, then off to write my review.


    1. Thanks! Can't wait for your take of the book.

    2. :) It involves more than few of my favorite smexy quotes from Carter. *smirks*