Monday, November 12, 2012

His Christmas Wish by Marquita Valentine

Good morning y'all! Let us all take another trip to Holland Springs this Christmas in Marquita Valentine's new novella, which is His Christmas Wish. Yep, I know you are excited. If you aren't, why not? Come on this is one of my favorite authors. Well, I'll help you get excited.

Joaquin Morales returns home to Holland Springs a war hero, yet he doesn't quite feel that way. Especially, when he's stuck on a car in a Christmas Parade. All he wants to do is get back to his wife, Sage Caswell.

Pretty much four years and not hearing a word from her husband, then come to find out he's home and in the Christmas Parade. Fed up, she storms away.  Knowing the situation isn't good he makes a plan to win back his wife.

Here is the bottom line on what you will find in this novella: First off, Joaquin pretends to be Gage Huntstone to get letters to his wife. You want to know why he did that, I know it. Second, he has lays out plans to win his wife. Granted some of them don't workout so well, but you still want to know them. Third, you need to meet Sage's mother. She is definitely unforgettable. And fourth, the story puts you in the holiday spirit.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Plus, its a quick read that is going to get you thinking of a White Christmas. Granted I'm not a fan of snow, but hey in a story I'm all for it. So, checkout Marquita Valentine's His Christmas Wish.

So, I leave you with warm holiday greetings and go grab a book and blanket.

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  1. Ooh, sounds like a keeper! :) I haven't read any books by Marquita, but I have three waiting for my on my NOOK, off to put this one on my list. :)


  2. I enjoy her stories. They are a lot of fun.