Wednesday, November 7, 2012

eARC: The Devil's Thief by Samantha Kane

Ok, I started this charming book on Monday and I was able to finish it today. I would probably have finished The Devil's Thief yesterday, but you know how life can get you. Anyways, let me share what's this is about and what I thought of the book.

It's amazing how life influences can impact, for instance Julianna Harte grew up with a father who stole to accommodate for his family. However, living pretty much day to day didn't help Julianna feel secure. Now that she's older and her father has remarried someone that has the means to make their life stable, Julianna has carried around these scars from her childhood with her.

Fascinating how scars can help you make decisions. They can be good, they can bad or little bit of both. Julianna had decided that she didn't want any child to suffer the uncertainty of life, so she opened up a foundling home. However, she didn't have the means to really support the idea. Which leads us to meet our hero.

Alasdair Sharpe has this priceless pearl that would fetch a nice profit to help her foundling home. Julianna decides to take matters into her own hands to steal the priceless item. What could go wrong? After all her dad stole for many years, how hard could it be, right? So, the story unfolds with her getting caught and if you want to know more you might want to read the book.

My thoughts: I actually enjoyed The Devil's Thief. I appreciate how the story was pretty fast-pass. Granted Julianna was a bit naïve, her father did a really good job on sheltering her from what he did to support them. Then you have the Alasdair, who happen to be a jerk through most of the story (and that's being nice). To be honest that didn't bother me. I kinda like his devil's attitude. However, his friends had to call him out on his behavior. Good thing he has friends that can be honest with him. Overall, The Devil's Thief amusing read that left me satisfy through most of the book. However, towards the end it was a tad bit far-fetch. Fortunately, I have no problem with it and made the ending truly unique. So, if you are looking for a charming read today, you might want to check out The Devil's Thief by Samantha Kane.

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