Monday, April 20, 2020

Audiobook Review: The Undead Next Door by Kerrelyn Sparks

About a week ago I finished listening to The Undead Next Door by Kerrelyn Sparks. In the series it was an okay listen.  It was a little better than book two; not by much.

In this story we have Heather Westfield and Jean-Luc Echarpe. Heather seem like the stereo-typical Texan. She was like I can do anything, because I'm a Texan woman. That wore a little thin once, because she didn't understand the imminent danger. She's kind of impulsive. Where we have Jean-Luc. He's a pretty decent guy. He's trying to understand Heather, and help her. Yet, she's kind of bullheaded. Jean-Luc made the story bearable. Eventually, I did warm up to Heather, and she realized the issue. However, she would do something stupid, then I would be frustrated with her.

Overall, it wasn't a bad listen. It wasn't great. However, the narrator was all over the place with the voices and accents. It has been an interesting journey with this series as I listen. I hope I enjoy the next book more than The Undead Next Door. I was a fan of Jean-Luc; he really helped the story.

Copy provided by local library.

3 Stars

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