Wednesday, January 1, 2020


For the past couple years I have kind of falling off with this blog (and it seems like I have continue the tradition), but this year I plan to recommit to my blog. I mean I totally didn't celebrate my 5 year mark a few years back, and I was okay with that. I mean I have been readjusting my life. Here is my new commitment to here. 

Here we goal with my NEW YEAR GOALS (because I hate the word resolution):
·      Take a healthier look on my life. So, you might get post about my journey. You can totally ignore them if you like (totally won't hurt my feelings if you do. 
·      I’m aiming to read more. Yes, I’m going to go back to what started this blog. 
·      Hey I’m going blog about other stuff, and who knows what the heck I’m going to be blogging about. 
·      Finally I’m going to have fun with my blog. Not that I haven’t, I think I lost touch of my blog. 

What have you committed to do in 2020? Do you have goals for this New Year or are you going to go with the flow? I hope you have a wonderful new beginning of 2020. The year 2020 is already giving me a chuckle, because I think of show. Let the new begin. 

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