Monday, February 18, 2019

The Spainard's Untouched Bride by Maisey Yates (Review)

Last month I read The Spaniard's Untouched Bride by Maisey Yates. I did enjoy this fast pace story. We have Camilla Alvarez who lost her father, and home in a swoop. She decides to masquerade as a boy needing a job. Definitely resourceful. Matias Navarro acquires the Camilla's rancho. He's about to get everything he wants, but his brother swoops in and steals his bride. With that swoop, Matias is about to lose everything to his brother until he realizes Camilla is a girl. She's not gorgeous, but she can do.

Anyway, things quickly escalate, after all this is a quick read and we have to get to the ending. Is he going to let ambition takeover or will love save the day? The story is a little slow at the beginning, because he seriously doesn't realize Camilla is a girl. However, it does pickup and gets interesting when his brother's drama enters the picture. By the end of the story, I enjoyed these two bumpy ride, and wanted to find out with Matias ex-fianance and his brother. Overall, a pretty good quick read.

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