Sunday, February 17, 2019

Jaguar's Mate by Katie Reus (Review)

In Jaguar's Mate, this quick little novella has a lot jam packed into the story. One of the things I like about this story is you don't have to read the previous book. Seriously, you are good to go, because the story focuses on Sapphire and Eli's relationship. He wants her, and she believes she's curse. It takes them saving her friend's daughter to realize she really wants him.

Yes, we have a love story, but we also have a serious issue that needs to be dealt with before they can have any kind of relationship. Yep, this a quick read, and can be done within a few hours. Great for just needing something to read, but not ready for a novel kind of read. You have love and action going on in Jaguar's Mate. So, if you are in need a quick little read look no further.

Copy provided by author

4 Stars

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