Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Audiobook Review: Nobody's Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Truth be told, I actually listened to Nobody's Baby But Mine last year, but I felt that should probably re-listen to the story before I wrote my thoughts. Which I'm glad. I love that Susan Elizabeth Phillips writes about strong, smart women. They definitely make an impression. Especially Dr. Jane Darlington. Now Jane has hit a rough patch in life. She felt that she was probably too smart for her own good. As a child, she was a bit precocious, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, she didn't have anyone to guide her, so when she hatched this hair brain idea about finding a dumb jock she thought she was doing some good to her unborn child. She decided that Cal Bonner would be the ideal candidate. Boy was she wrong that account.

Anyway, when they first get together is pretty awkward. I didn't realize how awkward it was until the second time I heard the story.
Well, Jane's plan goes out the door when Cal finds out she's having his baby. He feels duty bond to marry Jane, but has no desire to make a real marriage. Oh boy, was the beginning so rocky. However, we see Cal start to develop feelings for Jane, but he doesn't know how to handle it. Not pretty. There's usually a lot going on in SEP books, and this is where we meet Kevin Tucker. Gotta love Kevin Tucker. The story is pretty entertaining once we getting going.

SEP books can make you have your emotions go all over the place, and Nobody's Baby But Mine is no exception. You are going to be all over the place with this story, but by the end you have all the feel goods you need. If you are in the mood of finding a crazy story that leads you to the path of love you might want to try this one.

Since this was an audiobook, Anna Fields does and amazing job reading this. She's one of my favorite narrators.

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