Monday, February 5, 2018

Dangerous Witness by Katie Reus (Review)

I liked Dangerous Witness. I think I liked it more, because it moved the overall plot. You see the undercurrent of what is going on with Redemption Harbor. However, the story focuses on Brooks and Darcy's relationship, kind of. Basically they broke up because his father was butting in, but Brooks was an idiot, and assume the worse. You know what they say about assuming. Anyway, Brooks still has feelings for Darcy and decides to check on her, which is totally normal. Okay, he realizes that is bordering on stalker territory. Good thing he does this, because he's able to come back into Darcy's life. Darcy isn't sure about him, because he was a complete douche about the breakup. However, she needs him when things get a little scary.

Actually, Dangerous Witness is pretty low-key, and it doesn't get interesting until the danger level start rising. However, you see towards the end that something building, but your not quite sure. There relationship is pretty mellow. Plus, we have Darcy's sister's wedding that is covering for something sinister. Overall, it was an okay read. I hope the danger and romance gets a little amps up in the next books. I hope something is brewing between Nova and Gage. I mean there is love-hate tension between those two.

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3 1/2 Stars

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