Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Blog All About It: Red

Since this months theme is about Red, I figure I should type my post in red. Fitting. Anyway. At the beginning of the month it seems like everywhere red explodes onto the scene. I mean with Valentine's Day being in this month. However, I decided not to write about Valentine's Day or about chocolate boxes that are red hearts. Oh no, I decided to write about my red phone that we never use. I love the color red, which is the reason I bought it. So, we have a land line, but we mainly use our cellphones for our main communications. The land line has come in hand, for instance when my phone was needing a charge, I was able to use my cute red phone. It rings constantly with telemarketers, I love my message on there. So, if you ever call it you will hear, "This is the May family if you really know us, then you will call our cell phones have a nice day." 

Out all the things I have decided to talk about it's my red phone. Yes, I know it's silly. I could have talked about all the red books that I have read in my life. Or the titles with red in them, but I went with an odd thing. However, I didn't really read any books that were red. It was a pretty busy month, as you can see that I have waited to the last minute to type my post, but it's up. YAY! Hopefully, I'm better prepare in a couple more days. 

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