Friday, March 31, 2017

The Highland Duke by Amy Jarecki

Talk about going to my happy place, we have a scotsman who happens to be a duke. Seriously, you can't go wrong there. Anyway, Amy Jarecki has come out with a new series Lords of the Highlands.  The story takes place early 1700s where you find the Jacobite uprising. Definitely an interesting period. I would definitely recommend reading the author's note's after reading the story. I know this helped me out a lot with so my issues with the story.

Anyway, George Gordon (aka Geordie) who happens to be the Duke of Gordon. Now he's in an area where he's not suppose to be fighting the good cause, but he's injured. Arika Aryes happens to find him and basically rescues him from death. Basically, they are on the run for most of the book. While trying to escape a perilous death they fall in love. The end. Just kidding.

Actually, The Highland Duke is pretty good. We have Geordie who  is stuck of the confines of his title and he happens to fall in love with a tinker (gypsy). Gypsy were looked down upon, so to fall in love with her would be pretty bad. Anyway, he sees that she is sweet and kind, so it's easy to fall in love with her. Akira at first sees a stubborn man, but learns more about him and comes to love him. Yes, there love is tested as the story goes on. It's not easy being a duke and falling for someone who is deemed below a commoner. So, there relationship is an interesting dynamics.

Anyway, I totally enjoyed The Highland Duke and I look forward to read more of this series. I hope to see one of the characters in this story get his own story eventually.

Copy provided by Forever Romance via NetGalley

4 Stars

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