Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Foolish Bride by A.S. Fenichel (Review)

I decided to take a chance on the Foolish Bride. The first book in the series was so-so, but showed promise to the series. We met Elinor in Tainted Bride. She's portrayed as a ditz in the first book, so thinking it might be interesting. Anyway, she's been burned by Sir Michael Rollins, and she had to withstand some scandal. However, the final straw was when he called off the wedding, because he wasn't whole. Basically lashed out her, instead explaining that he might be able to father children in a rational way. I totally get it, he was angry at the world, and her father didn't help the situation at all.

Anyway, she decides she's done playing the flighty airhead, and decides she wants a backbone. I struggle with this transition, because she started to lash out at everyone too. Tis a good thing she has good friends who stood by her side even when she was being a B. Once Michael came to his senses, all he ever wanted was Elinor's happiness. He might not have handle the situation with tact, but he did love her enough to let her go. However, things start to look up and he feels that he good be the man she needs. Yet, there are few challenges and obstacles ahead. You the know the road to true love isn't always the easiest.

All right, I almost gave up Foolish Bride. I seriously didn't like Elinor's attitude. She was kind of cruel and mean. I did press forward with the story, because I did like Michael. Both of the characters did grow as the story continues and they learn to love the people they have molded. Actually, it wasn't until about halfway through the story I had a change of heart on my feelings. I did start to enjoy the story. The beginning was a little rough for me, but it was a pretty good ending. Plus, the story got good during and after the house party. Overall, I liked Foolish Bride. I'm glad I stuck with the story.

Copy provided by Lyrical Press via NetGalley

4 Stars

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