Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dark Protector by Katie Reus (Review)

If you have read the previous Moon Shifter books you will recognize a few of characters. If you haven't and you are new to this series, it's okay you will be fine reading this book by itself. However, it's better read as a whole.

Now the story focuses on Aldric Kazan and Natalie Cordona. Now these two were started to form a bond, but Aldric chicken out. He didn't feel like he could handle the responsibility of another's life. Now his wolf was having issues with this. Natalie has been waiting for Aldric to get back to her, but she's fed up and decided it was time to move on. However, Jayce realize his brother was making the same stupid mistake as his did, decided he need to intervene. Good times.

Anyway, Aldric, Natalie, and the others are trying to figure out what is going on, before a war breaks out between one vampire coven and a wolf pack. Boy that would get ugly. Anyway, Dark Protector is a pretty good read. I enjoyed the story and the little bit of romance. I always enjoyed Katie books, because she manages to make the bad guy pretty crazy and Dark Protector is no exception. I was thinking it was someone else, but I was wrong. So, if you are in the mood for a little suspence with a dash of wolves you might give Dark Protector a go.

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4 Stars

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