Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Teaser Tuesday: Be Mine Forever by Kennedy Ryan

Okay everyone, we know that I did enjoy the first two books of the Bennett series. All is well with Walsh and Kerris. However, there is one friend that didn't fair to well in the first two books and he's not a bad guy, its Cam. However, he's getting his own story with a happy ending. YAY! Here's what his book will look like:

Coming February 3, 2015

Can a secret crush . . .Jo Walsh has loved Cameron Mitchell for as long as she can remember. Whether front and center in her life or on the periphery, the tall, brooding artist has made his presence seductively and irresistibly known. But whenever they start to get close, Cam pulls away. Jo's tired of keeping her feelings in a box Cam is afraid to open. If he wants her, he'll have to prove it. And if he doesn't, Jo will need to know the real reason why . . .

. . . become the love of a lifetime?

How do you walk away from your soul mate? Cam wishes he knew. No matter how far he runs from Jo, he can't resist looking back at the silver eyes that seem to see right through him. But as well as Jo thinks she understands Cam, the dark truth about his past is something she shouldn't have to handle. Cam's sure that setting Jo free is the right thing to do. Too bad his heart has other ideas . . .

Can't Wait! So, here is a little teaser: 

Every Tuesday be on the lookout for Be Mine Forever teaser until release date. 

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