Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Snowed In With Her Ex by Andrea Laurence (Review)

Andrea Laurence is kicking off a new series called Brides and Belles where we meet four friends who went into the bridal business. Each friend has a special talent, and we are about to tag-along the journey as they find love.

Basically, Briana Harper (Bree) is the photographer for From This Moment and she had been given the assignment to photograph the happy couple at his cabin in the mountains. No problem up until she finds out that it's Ian Lawson and Missy Kline. Now Ian was an ex-boyfriend, and the relationship didn't end well. After all, he was starting to become like her father, and she didn't want to end up like her mother. Reasonable; except they never cleared the air.

Ian is a workaholic, who found himself knocking up one of his clients and decided he wasn't going to be like his father, and be in his child's life. However, this client is a tad bit manipulative and conniving. Here's my problem with Ian, he just accepts Missy words about him being the father of her baby. First off, if he knew she was conniving and manipulative wouldn't you want a paternity test. That's one the first things I would want, because whose to say she didn't hire some Joe off the street to knock her up. Now feel better getting that off my chest.

Anyway, Bree and Ian ended up getting stuck at the cabin. Eventually, everything comes out into the open while they are at the cabin, and it starts to look brighter for Bree and Ian. When they get back to reality things start to unwind, and will they be able to handle the cards they are dealt?

I enjoyed Snowed In With Her Ex, because you bring together past lovers that have unresolved issues and they are able to work it out. They both still had chemistry for one another, but trying to compromise is hard each of them. I already mention my one gripe about Ian. Overall, a pretty good read.

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4 Stars

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