Friday, January 16, 2015

Dirty Beautiful Rich (Part One) by Eva Devon (Review)

Okay, I'm not a huge fans of serials, but man is this awesome. In Eva Devon's latest work Dirty Beautiful Rich, she grabs your attention with our main character Julie Doyle. I love Julie, because she isn't your typical heroine. She's human with flaws. Julie looks at herself as:
Financially distressed, overweight, and ultimately having gone nowhere.

She's not confident, so when meets Damien Fitzgerald she doesn't understand why he wants to be around her. Cause
"Men like him didn't want girls like her." 
Part one focuses on Julie and Damien meeting each other, and Julie trying to figure out his angle.

Dirty Beautiful Rich grabs you from the get go, and doesn't let go. Like a fish, I'm hooked and I CAN'T WAIT for the next installment. Yes, this will leave you hanging for the next part, but masterfully done, and where Eva cuts off is perfect. What I love most about this story is Julie and how she's like ever woman who has ever had self doubts about herself. Damien is a guy with a lot of power and that's about all we know. Looking for something to grab your attention and in a snippet, you might give Dirty Beautiful Rich a try, who knows you might get hooked too.

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