Saturday, July 19, 2014

When Opposites Attract... by Jules Bennett

So, I have been reading Jules Bennett latest release When Opposites Attract.... Yes, I did enjoyed this book. Here are the things I like about the book:

I liked the fact that Grant and Tessa come from two different worlds. They had pet names for one another, even though it didn't started out that way. Whenever Tessa called Grant "Slick", she was trying to insult him. However, Grant being the charming Hollywood hotshot didn't mind it and gave it right back by calling her "Country". So, throughout the story you see them battling the attraction and trying to keep things on a business level.

I have to say that I was surprise to see that Tessa's ex didn't play a bigger part in the story. I mean he's always lurking in the background, so I thought he would have a bigger role. Instead what played a huge part in the story was Grant's demons and past. Tessa and Grant couldn't move forward until Grant faced the past that haunts him. It almost jeopardizes there relationship.

Overall, I did enjoyed When Opposites Attract... and I like that it's a nice set up for the rest of the trilogy. However, I'm wondering what the third book is going to be about, because Damon Barrington has only two daughters, Tessa and Cassie. It starts to make you wonder what secrets lie ahead. So, if you are looking for a quick read and new book to read, you might give When Opposites Attract.... After all it's not everyday when a female jockey falls for a Hollywood hotshot.

Favorite Quote:
"Well, you're an adult and you make your own decisions, but please, don't get so caught up in racing and this image of a perfect world you've built for yourself that you don't stop to take a risk... and enjoy the benefits."

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