Friday, July 18, 2014

Dare to Surrender by Carly Phillips

I got a chance to finish Carly Phillips's Dare to Surrender. Dare to Surrender can be read as a standalone, but it's part of her Dare to Love books. Not only is it part of the Dare to Love books, but it's also part of the Invitation to Eden books. Anyway, I better proceed.

Gabriel Dare has been eyeing Isabelle Masters for sometime, but it just never believe he would have a chance. After all she was with a scum sucker asshat of a guy. However, luck was on Gabe's side when Isabelle showed up at his brother's station, and he's given an opportunity to get to know Isabelle.

I really enjoyed Dare to Surrender cause it was more than some hot steamy sex, but high emotional level. You have Gabe and Isabelle who are attracted to one another, but they are both afraid to open up. Isabelle is emotionally fragile when Gabe rescues her, and is unsure of herself when it comes to relationship. After all, she was in an emotional abusive relationship for a few years, and that takes a huge toll on her. Isabelle is pretty lucky in a sense that she escaped before in even more damage was done to her spirit, but she has fighting spirit. Then you have Gabe who has emotionally walled himself up, because of his deceased wife did a number on him. So, he tends to pick women who are emotional unavailable and unattainable (in a sense). Yet, he senses something different in Isabelle, and he's willing to help her.

I liked that both characters had vulnerabilities that impacted one another. I like that Isabelle saw she needed to find herself before jumping into a new relationship, because sometimes it's easier to get comfortable with what you have. This gave Gabe an opportunity to evaluate his life, and see if he can live without Isabelle. He might not have liked it, but he learned the importance opening up. Which is hard for a alpha domineering man. Another thing I liked about the book, was it written mainly in Isabelle's voice with occasionally going to Gabe's thoughts. I liked that it was her reflection on how survive without depending on a man, but also look for real love.

Overall, Dare to Surrender is a pretty good read. It's an enjoyable edition to the Dare to Love books. I can't honestly say how it compares to the other Invitations to Eden, because this is my first one. So, if you are looking for that emotional, sexy, and fairly quick read, you might consider Dare to Surrender.

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