Friday, March 30, 2012

Tempted at Every Turn by Robyn DeHart

Final book in the Ladies Amateur Sleuth Society, Tempted at Every Turn. Let me say this up front, you know when you read the last book in the series you get that closer that you crave and need and sad to see it end. I didn't get that feeling to the book. I didn't get the closer that I wanted. Lets be honest need. With that said let me tell you what I thought about the book.

With every book in the series I found myself loving each book more and more. I really like the characters Wilhelmina (Willow for short) Mabson and Inspector James Sterling. During the whole series you see Willow writing anonymous letters to the Inspector and complaining about his techniques. So they make a wager to see who could solve the crime first. As they battle each other out to see who is better detective, they end up battling each others affection for one another. I have to say that this was a delightful read. Who doesn't like the battle of wits? Plus, you have the age old question who does it better men or women?

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