Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Royale Sisters Trilogy by Kathryn Caskie

I have read a lot of reviews on this series and lot of them negative. However, I'm a sucker for a story with a Duke. I have come across so many of those types of stories which I don't mind. So, the first book title drew me in, How to Seduce a Duke. Sounds promising doesn't it.

Well, in the first book you meet the Royale sisters, and they are Mary, Elizabeth and Anne. They are triplets. However, they don't look anything alike. Which I can understand why some people would have a hard time with this and think it unlikely to happen. Of course that is true, but its a book and fictional one at that. I digress, anyways, they are in London for the season. They were raise by Dr. Royale who has pass since and they have discover that they might be illegitimate children of King George IV and Maria Fitzherbert. So, they go throughout the series trying to solve the mystery of there birth.

So you have the first book title How to Seduce a Duke, which is Mary trying to end up with the Duke of Blackstone's brother Quinn. However, she ends up with Rogan Wetherly. Who cares if Mary's boss she's the first born. Even twins the first child knows who's first no matter what.

Book two How to Engage an Earl, is Anne story how she ends up with an the Earl of MacLaren. She ends up in a very compromising situation with Laird Allan who happens to be drunk at the time. Who doesn't like that?

Now the third book is How to Propose to a Prince, which is the final sisters story, Elizabeth. She meets the Marquess of Whitevale, but she mistakes him him for Prince Leopold since they look alike. Anyways, she ends up Sumner Lansdowne.

Personally, I didn't mind the book. I have no problem with triplets with different hair color, because its a story. The question is, did you get what you wanted from the book? If the answer is yes, its a good book. If not, try something else. I liked the book; it was fun for when I read it. Would I recommend it. It depends on your taste. If you have similar taste to mine, you might enjoy this series.

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