Sunday, December 17, 2017

A Scottish Lord for Christmas by Lauren Smith (Review)

A Scottish Lord for Christmas was probably the gut wrenching of all the Sins and Scandals series. So, we have Lady Rowena Pepperwirth, she's the younger sister Milly. She's sweet, biddable, and about to enter her first season. Everything is new and exciting, but she catches the eye of Lord Forres. Quinn MacCauley needs to find a wife to raise his daughter, and fill some other needs. He's taken by Rowena and how much she cares for his daughter. His goal is to make her his wife and keep her at arms length. However, there is one problem, Rowena is the kind of person to love everyone with her whole heart. Plus, she's willing to take on the challenge of healing Quinn with her love.

Oh man, see where this can break your heart. We have one who is willing take a chance on love, and the other too scare to love again. A Scottish Lord for Christmas is a fairly fast read, and with little conflict other Quinn battling his feelings for Rowena. After all he never wants to forget his first love. Can he learn to love Rowena the way she's meant to be love or is he going to suck the life out of her. It doesn't help that his servants want to continue to honor the memory of his first wife. They are a bit nasty to Rowena. Fortunately, she has his daughter and his sister on her side. Overall, a pretty good read. Mainly a sweet one too.

Copy provided by Forever Romance.

4 Stars

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