Monday, March 21, 2016

Say You'll Love Me by Ally Broadfield (Review)

I received a chance to read Say You'll Love Me by Ally Broadfield. Say You'll Love Me is a fairly quick read. I liked the start of the story. We meet Lady Abigail Hurst and she's about to get engage with her childhood sweetheart. Now my first thought when she was talking with her future mother-in-law, "RUN! DON'T LOOK BACK!" She was extremely rude. Good heavens, Abigail was getting criticized by her betrothal mother, not a good a start for her. Then she sees her future husband trying to persuade his current mistress to stay with him even though he's engage. Can we say winner. Abigail's not sure how she feels about this. Then boom the girl ends up dead. Now she decides to take on the task of finding out if her fiancée is guilty or not. Along the way she realize she doesn't want to marry the guy. Who could blame her. Of course, she wants love.

We meet the hero, Edmund Townsend, Marquess of Longcroft. He basically helps Abigail find out if her betrothal is a murder. Along the way he develops feelings for, but he doesn't believe in love. After all he's a man of science and science can't prove love exist therefore it does not. So, throughout the story we see these together, but never really crossing any lines. Most of the story they are trying to solve the mystery.

Okay, it was a nice story with them trying to solve a mystery. My only concern is the rushed relationship towards the end. It felt a little too quick in someways, but drawn out after all Abigail is a decent girl and wouldn't want to cause a scandal. A fairly quick read with a little mystery to solve. So, if you are looking for something light with a little mystery, Say You'll Love Me is your type of read.

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3 1/2 Stars

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