Thursday, March 31, 2016

Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Review)

Can I say how much I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips Natural Born Charmer! Seriously, this was indescribable. LOVE Dean and Blue! Anna Fields does an amazing job with this book. With so many characters that appear in this book, she was able to give each of them their own voice. With that said, I think I should go into more detail on each of those characters that are pretty important to the story.

Dean Robillard: Quarterback for Chicago Stars. He's kind of not sure what to do become happy. He felt that he had to get out of Chicago. Nothing like a road trip. He was feeling down till he met Blue Bailey.

Blue Bailey: Is a walking disaster. I mean when we first meet her she's walking on the highway in a beaver costume without it's head. I busted a gut. Tears were streaming down when Blue and Dean have their first encounter. Brilliant!

April Robillard/Susan O'Hare: Dean's mother. Very strain relationship at the beginning of the story, but eventually they work things out.

Riley Patriot: Half-sister to Dean. Decides to run away to Dean's house hoping he will want her around.

Jack Patriot: Dean's father. Rocker and didn't care much while Dean was growing up. Even more strain relationship than his mother.

Anita Garrison: The Mayor of Garrison. Wealthy. Kind of hates the town, but has good reason. Shows that she truly loves Blue, but that relationship takes some time to grow.

Of course we have the good people of Garrison who would love to see the town to grow, but Anita stands in the way.

Anyway, I loved every moment of the story, and there is sooooo much going on Natural Born Charmer. I love the banter between Dean and Blue. Blue keeps Dean on his toes and he has no clue how to handle her. They both see each other for who they truly are. She even helps Dean mend his relationship with his family, which is not the easiest task. This had me laughing out loud throughout most of the story. Tears, I tell you. However, there are moments where I did get a choked up on Blue's behalf. She does have rotten luck until she gets to Garrison. This story was so good I had to listen to the story again. I might have to get a physical copy of this book, because again it's that good. I can't wait to read/listen to other Chicago Stars books. They are worth the read. Run and get this book, and I normally don't say things like that. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Natural Born Charmer. If you are in need to find something that is going to put you in a good mood, check this book out.

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