Friday, July 31, 2015

Courting Innocences by Kimberly Dean ( Review)

I wanted to read Kimberly Dean's Courting Innocence, because had elements that screamed read me. I mean you have Erin who believes the Luxxor is a matchmaking service instead of an escort service. I mean that's kind funny. Then you have the forbidden attraction with Colton who happens to be the Erin's brother's best friend. Can't go against the bro-code. See that's the making of a fun story. However, I didn't fall in love with Courting Innocence. There are some good elements to the story, but there were some parts that had me go "What!?"

I guess I should get the thing that bother me the most off my chest, which was her best friend working at the Luxxor and not being up front about it. Yes, I understand that she had to keep it on the download, but Erin was her best friend stuff like that goes to grave. No repeats stuff like that. On the same token, Erin would probably still be waiting to make a move on Colton. I still don't have to like that part. The other thing that kind of bother me was Erin and Colton's relationship. It felt kind of like a dirty little secret. Okay, I get it, it was about honoring the promise Colton made when he was younger, but take it like a man get punched in the face by the brother. Yes, I was thinking that. Those are my gripes about the book.

The things I liked about the story. Even though one of my gripes was Erin and Colton's relationship, I still liked the relationship. They were hot and heavy when they weren't focusing on being each others dirty little secret. Plus, they were adorable. I also liked Erin's friends Sienna and Jason. I liked them so much I want to go back and read their story. The other person that played a big part in the story was Nina who was Erin's sounding board. Even though she was owner of Luxxor, she provided reason and a good friendship for Erin. Especially, when she need advice when it came to her relationship between Colton. I believe Erin would have left everything as the status quo, because it was something she wanted for so long. Why rock the boat. Plus, the ending kind of left me believing there might something in the future between Nina and a certain detective. Let's hope so.

Overall, not a bad read. It was hot and sexy at times. Okay, majority of the time. However, I did have a couple of hang ups, but it's not going to stop me from checking out other books from this author. Plus, I want to see how Sienna and Jason develop, so I have to go back to Courting Trouble. Maybe I'll gain a better understanding on Sienna being silent on the whole escort thing. Till next time.

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