Monday, July 14, 2014

No Apologies by Sybil Bartel

First let me say why I wanted to read No Apologies by Sybil Bartel, it was mainly cause of the cover. The cover is amazing and the is yummy. I mean look at those abs. Yes, I wanted to read this for a superficial reason. Now I need to share my thoughts.

Honestly, I struggle with No Apologies. I really didn't have a problem with Graham being a manwhore. I mean it's his prerogative to be one, after all he's a musician and he's living up the benefits. However, I he was moody and an a-hole. I think if he was more charming, I would be more forgiving for his manwhore behavior. He's not, and he's a hard character to love and he has no qualms being an a-hole.

You kind of get to know Carly. Yes, she's a bartender at a bar that Graham frequents, and likes to see her. Graham has these lusty feelings for her, but senses that he should stay away from. I guess that's one of Graham's good quality, but he can't seem to stay way. As you read the story, you learn that Carly is a wounded character, so I can understand  her skittish nature.

No Apologies is written from Graham POV. I do like when it's from a male POV. However, the story is not a cheery one, it's pretty dark and gritty. Graham outlook on life is pretty grim. All he focuses on is tapping whatever chick crosses his path and shoving them out the door when he's done. If you don't mind an a-hole guy who's a bit of a manwhore with a chip on his shoulder, this is a book for you. Yes,  he does develop some redeeming qualities, but just not enough to balance a-hole persona at the beginning of the book. This is just my thoughts on the story, and it just didn't work for me. I know it has worked for the others and I'm glad they enjoyed it.

Favorite Quote:
"His life was jeopardized when he was born, all our lives were. That's what life is. It's fragile and short and full of pain. You reach for the joy when you can and accept the rest."
Copy provided by author via InkSlinger


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