Thursday, July 3, 2014

In The Mood for Love by Beth Ciotta

I finished In the Mood for Love by Beth Ciotta. This is my first Cupcake Lovers book. I must say that it was pretty cute and at times my eyes decided to leak. Anyway, let me proceed on. It might have helped if I had read the previous books, but I think I did all right following the storyline. Yes, there are a lot of characters and they are tied to previous books. However, the story focuses on Sam McLeod and Harper Day.

Now Sam hasn't had much luck in the love department since his wife passed away. If I read the previous books, I would probably know when that happen, but we're moving on from this point. Now the town seem to put Sam on the number one priority to find him another. After all he's a great catch and great father to his two children. It seems like there is a pool going on about his dating life, which that kind of putters out in the story. Anyway, Sam has this great connection with Harper, but Harper wants to shield herself off from emotions of any kind. This makes her amazing in her job as a publicist. So, it makes you wonder what could have happen to make her want to shield herself off. As the story progress, you get bits and pieces on why she would do something like that. It's not until she tells the Sam the complete story. 

Anyway, In the Mood for Love starts off as a story about a marriage of convenience, because Sam and Harper need something from a marriage. Harper needs to be able to stay in the states, but can't unless she finds a way to stay. While Sam wants to find someone to help him raise his children. Some might view Harper a bit harsh, but as I said she has her reasons. I did really like Sam, because he's just so understanding and willing to help Harper. He's such a keeper. Overall, I found In the Mood for Love a cute story about two people trying to make the best of their situation. So, if you are looking for a cute read, you might want to give In the Mood for Love a chance.

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  1. I read the first book in the series. I don't remember if they gave the info on when Sam's wife died. That was a really good book & I plan to read them all in order.