Friday, December 21, 2018

Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Ryan

Let me say that I LOVED Dirty Little Secret! Honestly, I wasn't sure what I was going to find with Jennifer Ryan's latest book. All I knew was I liked her previous books, therefore I will like this one. Actually, I'm totally excited to see what Jennifer has in store for the rest of the series. Dirty Little Secret had me grasping for more.

I absolutely loved the characters. We had Noah and Annabelle Cordero who grew up with John Cordero. Both weren't his biological children, but he raised them as his own. Then there's Roxy Cordero who was John's actual biological child, but never recognized her as his own until after his death. John had his secrets, and they were reveled until after his death. They shook and rocked Noah, Annabelle, and Roxy's world. Now all three of them have to live with the terms of his will, which seriously pissed Noah off. Yes, Noah and Roxy had a rocky start. It was mainly Noah induced. However, Roxy is smart and knows what she needs to do to make sure the ranch is thriving. Eventually, they find the balance and understanding, but not the easiest with Roxy's past lurking in the background.

Anyway, Dirty Little Secret had me begging for more. I seriously can't wait for the next book. I love the story between Noah and Roxy. I love that she understood Annabelle's needs. An amazing story! Probably my top read for this year. I can't wait to see what Roxy's sisters have in store with the series. I hope the next story involves Sonya. Actually it doesn't matter which sister, I just need another story. Austin sounds like he's in need of desperate help. By the way I love how Jennifer gives a little tease of whats to come. It's subtle, but it's there. Anyway, LOVED Dirty Little Secret, and I can't wait to see what the other Wild Rose Ranch has in store.

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5 Stars

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