Thursday, December 6, 2018

Audiobook Review: It Had to Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

There will be some slight spoilers, but they are required for It Had to Be You. Let me start that I have been hopping around through the  Chicago Stars stories for a little while, and I have decided to read them in order. I love the newer stories, so now I'm going to start from the beginning and work my way to the end. With that, I do like Dan Calebow later in the series. However, had I started with this one I probably would have ripped his head off. Dan isn't the most pleasant guy in this story, especially with Phoebe Somerville. There was a lot of work that had to happen between these two characters.

I truly almost stopped reading It Had to Be You, and I had to mustered through a scene. I seriously thought Dan picked up a 16 year old girl, but it was his ex-wife who was into roll playing. Definitely a WTF moment. I'm glad he felt disgusted by this, but he didn't feel that disgusted after all he slept with his ex-wife. Anyway, he had an epiphany that he wanted to settle down and find the perfect wife, which he meets Sharon. By the way I totally forgot her last name, and I only remember her with a different last name cause later in the series you see her again married to someone else. However, Dan thought Sharon was perfect person to marry, but he can't stop lusting after Phoebe.

Let's be honest Phoebe is a hot mess at the beginning. She's trying to discover herself, while still trying to get her dead dad's approval. Let's throw in a moody teenage half-sister who doesn't even like her. She has a lot on her plate and her father try to set her up for failure. Thanks dad. However, I did like Phoebe. I even felt bad for her when her backstory came to life. As the story progresses she eventually finds her true self. However, it's a good portion of the story. I do love the friendship she develops with Ron McDermott, which puzzles Dan.

After a few of the scenes in It Had to Be You pass I actually liked this story. I love how the football players stood up for Phoebe. She did develop a special relationship with Stars. The relationship between Dan and herself is a bit rough, but they manage. Now I'm going to re-listen to Bob Tom Denton's story, because he's to funny.

Before I close this off, I do have to mentions Anne Fields reading of It Had to Be You; she does a fantastic job. I love how she reads this story. She does a great job with male voices and female ones, and you definitely can tell the difference.

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