Monday, May 9, 2016

All Chained Up by Sophie Jordan (Review)

First off, this is one of yummiest cover. I was so excited to get an opportunity to read All Chained Up by Sophie Jordan. However, I have been putting this on the back burner in so many ways. I need to be slapped for that. Yet I finally got to read this one. Anyway, I liked the story. In All Chained Up we get to know Knox Callaghan who had been sent for prison for killing someone who harmed a relative; a crime of passion. He now sits in prison with his brother. Sophie sets up scene for future stories in this particular while focusing on Knox.

Basically, Knox is in prison when he meets Briar Davis. Now Briar wouldn't normally be in a place like Devil's Rock, but her boss need help in the prison health center and decided to go. It's something different. She meets Knox and feels this pull, but she can't get out of her head he's a criminal and she should stay away. Yes, it was a bit predictable on how Knox was going to get release, but it had to be done in order for Knox and Briar to have relationship. We see them struggle with what is going on with them. Knox isn't the typical guy that Briar would be with or even her family would want her to be with; talk about an awkward barbecue. Anyway, it's more a struggle for Knox, because he doesn't see himself good enough to be with Briar. Briar sees him as a good guy under all the gruffness.

Overall, All Chained Up is a pretty good read. Sophie does a great job with the conflict of the relationship, I mean it's not always easy to date felon out on parole who might have gonna about the wrong way to exact revenge. I love how she found a way to set up the next book. The sad thing it's not Knox's brother, I can't wait for his book. North should be an interesting read, but we get Reid's which is definitely going to be a good one. If you are in a mood for something a little different, a felon and a nurse, you might consider reading All Chained Up.

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4 Stars

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