Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas at Thorncliff Towers by Marina Myles (Review)

Last week, I was able to read Christmas at Thorncliff Towers by Marina Myles. I'm kind of glad the story focuses on Katrina Petri and Constantin Stoica, and not the rest of the series. If you couldn't figure out why, you really don't know me.  Anyway. 

Well, Constantin is stuck at Thorncliff, because of Katrina's mischief which got his brother stuck there. However, Constantin was able to convince the lord of the manor for him to trade places with his brother. He's been there for awhile. Now Katrina pops back into his life and he knows that no good can come from her being around. Now Katrina needs to break some news to him about his grandfather, and while she's at might as well try to get him to love her. Nothing wrong with that, right? 

This was a fun quick read that centers around Christmas time. I like the fact that Constantin tries to avoid Katrina's mischief, but seems to be drawn to her. Granted he doesn't want to be drawn to her cause something bad happens whenever she's around. By the end, we have a happy ending for these two. If you are still in the mood to read a Christmas story, you might look at Christmas at Thorncliff Towers.

Copy provided by Kensington via NetGalley

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