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Once Upon A True Love's Kiss (Anthology)

I love anthologies, because you can get to sample of an author's work. Plus, a great way to find new to you authors if you are unsure about an author. In Once Upon A True Love's Kiss you get to read eight different authors whose stories vary from sweet and innocence to I think I might need a little fan. Some of the stories in the collection have been previously published as a single story or they are connected to a series. If you love those stories you can look for others in that series (useful information). Lets get this party started.

After Forever
Whisper of Scandal, 4
Julie Johnstone

In After Forever, we meet Julianna. She's a widow and has no desire to marry again after her marriage. She loved her husband, so she never wants to feel the pain of loss again. Which I didn't quite understand, because she had a daughter. Of she loves, I would think she would be worry about losing her daughter. Anyway, I digress. She struggled with depression if they had grief counseling in the 1800s she would have benefited. Now Nash. He's a gaming hell owner, and he knew some secrets of Julianna's decease husband, but he has a little more tact than her brother in law. I adore Nash, because he was patient with Julianna. He was willing to do anything for Julianna.

After Forever, is a story about a widow trying to find her footing after a death of a love one. I wish the story could have had an epilogue. I think I would have liked a little more closure on Nash and Julianna. However, it is what it is. Overall, a good story.

The Pirate's Duchess 
Katherine Bone

In The Pirate's Duchess, we meet Prudence and she's about to marry again, but there is a slight problem. What you may ask would be the problem? Good question, how about her dead husband rising from the dead. Okay, he never died, he just fake his death in order to avenge his father's death. A pretty good reason, but at the same time not good. After all, he did make his lovely wife grieve his death. Tobias, the Duke of Blackmore is trying to ferret out his best friend's father to confess his crimes and it's going to be a challenge. On top of it he's trying to keep his wife safe.

All right, The Pirate's Duchess is filled with danger trying to prove Lord Underwood is a dastardly bad guy. He's pretty cunning, but he's no match for Tobias and his wife. A pretty good read.

Her Scandalous Wish 
College Cameron

Her Scandalous Wish is a heartbreaking read, but pretty darn good. We have Philomena and her brother, Giles, basically looking for a decent suitor for Philomena. There is a rush on finding a decent guy, because Giles is dying. However, she's avoiding rogues, because she had her heart broken by a rogue when she was a young woman. The man who did this was Bradford Kingsley. There is more to why Bradford didn't come to her after the fire, and his uncle had a hand. His uncle was a horrible man, who felt wronged. Anyway, enjoyable story about second chance at love.

Milady and Her Spy 
Jillian Chantal

Milady and Her Spy was a favorite read. It was a lot of fun. We had Augusta Covington who is a spunky young lady who has a little problem adhering to the rules of society. Things like sewing, painting, and what other young ladies her age enjoy she finds dull. So, giving a chance to help her brother Lancelot and his friend Myles Cuthbert catch Nigel Hastings she just had to jump at the chance.

Love how Myles underestimates Augusta's ability until he sees her in action, of course he quickly changes her mind. Yes, there is more than meets the eye when it comes Augusta. A fun quick story.

Kissed by a Scottish Rogue
Rival Rogues, 2.5
Samantha Grace

In Kissed By A Scottish Rogue we meet up with Edith Gallagher and Fergus McTaggat. Now it's Christmas time and Edith and Fergus has made a pack to keep peace around one another. Which is a huge feat, because they fight like cats and dogs. There are only two reasons you would fight constantly with another person: 1) You can't stand each other and will murder one another or 2) You are masking your true feelings by antagonizing the other person. Fortunately, it's the latter in this story. It's understandable to feel for Edith, because she's not quite sure where she fits in. So, most of the house believes she's mighty high mighty, but she's not that way. It's not until Fergus starts to get to know the real Edith that he starts to realize he judged her all wrong. All Edith ever wanted is to feel truly like she belonged somewhere.

I enjoyed this quick read. Once Edith and Fergus start to understand one another it seems to fall into place. I was pleased with how the story ended. Gave me a little chuckle.

Stolen Kisses From the Viscount 
Alanna Lucas

I have to say that Stolen Kisses From the Viscount is a pretty good read. We have Patrick Leyborne. He's a viscount, and his family is in desperate needs of funds. The only logical way is to marry an heiress. He never wanted to do that, but desperate time calls for desperate measures. They compromise a list of eligible ladies that fit the criteria, but one name stands out Lady Aveline Redgrave. Now Aveline needs to find a husband and quick since her uncle doesn't have much time on earth otherwise she goes back to the other uncle. She rather deal with marriage. Now that says a lot. She aims to avoid rogues, wastrels, rakes, and fortune hunters. Well, that pretty much eliminates Patrick. However, rakes never backdown from a challenge.

A great story and the bonus part is a wager. Love when there is a wager set they always make for an interesting read. Especially, when the wager becomes know and makes the courtship prospects a bit more challenging.

Tempted By A Rogue
Lauren Smith

Tempted By A Rogue is one of the steamier reads. We have Gemma Haverford who has been in love with James Randolph forever, and she thought they had an understanding. Well, he had other plans, so he enlisted his best friend, Jasper Holland, to break things off with Gemma. Instead he kept writing to her. Now they find themselves in a pickle. Yet James came up with a brilliant plan. Okay, it was a terrible plan and he was too chicken to break things off in the first place. James is a cad and that's being nice. Yet his charming personality makes up for things, right? WRONG!

I thought Tempted By A Rogue was brilliant story. Loved this story so much. I was a little worry that Gemma and Jasper wouldn't find happiness cause of James callous feelings. Fortunately conquers all.

The Redemption of Julian Price
Victoria Vane

Another great story. In The Redemption of Julian Price we meet four characters that were best friends until one faithful day when everything changed. Okay Julian is on the brink of financial ruin, but he's trying to figure out what to do. Then we meet Henrietta and Harry Houghton who have been friends with Julian forever. Now you wonder where the fourth friend is, well that is part of the story.

I love this story, because we have Henrietta who is willing save Julian from disaster. While Julian believes it's too much a sacrifice for her. Yet, she loves him so much that he can't see it. One the secondary characters I adore was Lady Cheswick, because she straight up told Henrietta to go after what she wants. This is a fantastic story that makes the heroine be the hero if that makes any sense. Overall, a great read.

Once Upon A True Love's Kiss is a great sample of reads that will keep you entertained. Yes, some are sweeter than others but a great balance of stories.

Copy provided by an author.

4 1/2 Stars

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