Saturday, June 1, 2013

Long Simmering Spring by Elisabeth Barrett

For the past few days, I have been reading Long Simmering Spring by Elisabeth Barrett, which happens to be the third book in the Star Harbor series. While in the story we still continue with the drug problem that is troubling Star Harbor, we also get to know Cole Grayson a little better.

Cole is the sherif of Star Harbor and suffers from PTSD. Yet, he has done a very good job hiding it from the fine people of Star Harbor. Well, Cole has always had the hots for a certain doctor and finally finds away to get to Julie Kensington. Julie on the other hand doesn't really trust Cole, because all she remembers is the bad boy of Star Harbor. Cole tries his hardest to get Julie to understand that he's not the same guy as he was in high school.

I do like Cole, he's a pretty good guy always looking out for the good people of Star Harbor. I must say that's an excellent quality in sherif. Now Julie is a very independent woman. She feels like she doesn't really need anyone in her life. While everyone else in Star Harbor believes she works too hard and needs a social life. I really do like how Cole and Julie start to hang out and build a relationship. It's funny how each of the Grayson boys seem to gravitate to strong independent women and Julie fits the build.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I love that how all the stories really tie together. I can't wait for Val's book. I wonder if they will be able get rid of the drug problem in Star Harbor. I hope so. I also wonder who's going to be Val's match. Julie and Cole are great together. Here's the bottom line: If you love a series that ties together, I would suggest checking out the Star Harbor series. However, if you have been following the the series and you like damage heroes you might love Cole and should read Long Simmering Spring.

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