Sunday, June 9, 2013

eARC: The Switched Baby Scandal by Theresa Meyers

I don't know how many of you remember those Lifetime Movies, you know the ones that were like "oh my gosh" and you need a box a tissue to get through the movie. Yes, those sappy chick flicks. If there was a book that would be like a Lifetime Movie The Switched Baby Scandal by Theresa Meyers would be that book. It has all the makings of Lifetime Movie.

There are a few things you would find Lifetime Movie:
1) Heartbreak. Hence the need of box of tissue.
2) Scandal. For some reason there is always a scandal.
3) Switched at births. I think I remember watching one like that.
4) Death. Which might be another reason for a box of tissue.
5) Can't move on from the past.
6) The news people are on top of the story. Yes, the media is always involve.

Actually, that's a pretty good list. I'm sure if I think of every movie Lifetime I'm sure I could probably do a blog about. However, the six I listed fit into The Switched Baby Scandal. See the makings of a Lifetime Movie.

Other than reminding me of a Lifetime Movie, I really did enjoyed this book. I love the fact that both parents fiercely love Emily, who happens to be caught in the firestorm of scandal. Both Reece and Taylor want to protect Emily, along with that try to keep their feelings for one another under control.

Taylor is a protective mother who wants what is best for her child, but at the same time afraid to let Reece. Funny how previous relationships play a part in letting people in. Taylor isn't the only one with a problem letting others in, Reece has a hard time letting go of the past. He wants to move on, but isn't sure hold to proceed without destroying the memory of his late wife. So, you have all these little layers that make up this story.

Honestly, I thought The Switched Baby Scandal was beautifully done. I love how they made their blended family work. It didn't bring on the ugly cry, but it still got me to choke out a couple of tears. Overall, leaving me with a warm-fuzzy feeling inside. So, if you loved Lifetime Movies and need a fix, I would suggest you grab yourself a copy of The Switched Baby Scandal.

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