Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Twice Tempted by Marquita Valentine

I'm excited to share a new debut that I got a chance to read these past couple of days. Let me just say that Twice Tempted was amazing and I loved every minute of the book. I couldn't put the book down.

In Twice Tempted, we meet Zoe Ambrose a small town girl, who happens to be an author on her way to a book signing in VEGAS. Yep, that's right we are heading to Sin City. Once there she runs into the hottest actor alive Ian Romanov, literally she runs into him. Ian is smiting by her, so much so that he even gives her permission to use his real name, Christian. Christian realizes that this is the girl to help him clean up his image in Hollywood and Zoe wants nothing to do with it. However, Christian uses his charm to break down Zoe's armor. After her adventure in Vegas, Zoe heads back home to Holland Springs to lick her wounds and try to get her life back to the way it was. Christian decides to man up and try to fix things with Zoe. Is Christian able to do so? Hmm, I guess you just have to read Twice Tempted to find out.

Oh my gosh, I loved this story. I adore that Zoe is a walking disaster, not your typical female lead, which makes this book a lot of fun to read. You have Christian and his family, if you want to call them that. Plus, a lot trouble that happens in VEGAS.

FUN, FUN, FUN that you should check out. Which you are in luck, this week I'm gifting one lucky reader a chance to get Marquita Valentine's new book (in ebook format) Twice Tempted. All you have to do is answer the question and leave your email address. Next Wednesday, I will draw one lucky reader and gift them a e-copy of Twice Tempted.

So, here is the question: Have you gone to Vegas and done something crazy? If you haven't, would you do anything crazy?

Good luck.


  1. I adored Christian and Zoe's story! I haven't been to Vegas to stay (only drove through), but I feel like I have since reading TWICE TEMPTED. And I love what Zoe and Christian end up doing in Vegas. It's perfect!

    p.s. I already have TT, so please don't enter me in the drawing!

  2. I've never been to Vegas, but if I did go, I'd like to dance in a fountain.

  3. This book looks really good! I love the cover! You don't need to enter me in the drawing, but I DO want to tell you that I've never been to Vegas and really want to go! And heck yes, I'd do something crazy!!! I'd karaoke on top of a bar. :>D

  4. Great review! I have been to Vegas, but it was years ago, and I wasn't old enough to do anything crazy. Maybe I need to go back?

  5. Thank you all for commenting here. Since I'm feeling generous both Lily and Erica get the book. Yay!