Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Camping Adventure at Yellowstone

Entering the Yellowstone
This past weekend I got a chance to view the beautiful majestic Yellowstone National Park. I haven't seen anything like it before. Granted I haven't really travel that much. My parents told me I have been to Yosemite when I was a wee bit. Of course, I can't remember. I don't expect my youngest to remember this trip, but who knows we might make the trip again. I kinda hope so that way we can fix what went wrong on this camping trip.

First of all, we had to leave right after my husband got off work. I don't think that was the best laid plan. We ended up arriving at Yellowstone around 10pm. Granted we only live about 4-5 hours away and there was no traffic. Still not the brightest idea. Plus, we had a cranky 17 month old, who loves his bed and bedtime. I understand that my husband was excited to see his sister who lives in Texas.

We arrived at the campsite and the boy is screaming like a banshee and is ready for bed. We hand him off to grandma and grandpa and they cart him off to their hotel. Now that is how they camp. That doesn't seem like a bad idea with a little one. My daughter gets to sleep with her cousin in a trailer, while my husband and I get to sleep in a tent or the Bravada. Let me just tell you it is not comfortable to sleep in Bravada with a 6 foot tall guy. I think I would have enjoy being in a tent and freeze to death.

The next day waking up sore, not my idea of fun. However, we got to see some cool stuff for example:

We saw buffalos and crazy people trying to get close to the wild animal. Hello, Wild Animal.

Old Faithful
We also got a chance to see Old Faithful. I have to say that was pretty cool.
After viewing some of the sites at Yellowstone, we stayed the night with my in-laws. I must say was better than sleeping in a car. The next day we decided to spend the day checking out other sites and then head home. I think the 17 month old appreciated this idea.
another waterfall

Steam Boat Geyser 
So, here are the other things we got to see while we were there. I'm sure I can fill this with a ton more pictures, but I think that would be over kill.

Next time we do a trip like this again. I want to plan a little more and be better prepare. I personally like a plan of action. Hopefully the next time we go camping we can have that. Here's hoping.

I better get back to some reading.

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