Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Sleeping Night by Barbara Samuel

Today's pick is an amazing book to read. It's not something I would have picked if I had read the back of the book. The main reason I picked this book was because of the author and I like her work. So, when I saw that Barbara Samuel wrote The Sleeping Night, I had to read it.

The story starts off in Gideon, Texas in 2005 at a bookstore. These ladies are gathered there to hear a reading of Angel Corey's experience growing up in Gideon. As Angel starts reading her story, we go back to 1926 where we meet a young Angel and her friend Isaiah High and there special friendship. A friendship that would be looked down upon during that time, giving the fact that Angel is white and Isaiah is black. We jump ahead 20 years in the story, we find Isaiah returning from World War II and trying to keep his feelings for Angel hidden from everyone including himself. However, circumstances throw Isaiah in the path of Angel. They rekindle there friendship.

AMAZING! Giving the fact that there love for each would be forbidden in the 1940s or given any other decade until after the civil rights movement. I love how Angel loved him no matter what his skin color was, she truly saw him as a person she could admire. Isaiah trying to keep them both safe by hiding his true feelings for her. What a powerful and moving story that is really worth reading. It gives hope to true love.

ARC courtesy of Bell Bridge Books via NetGalley

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