Thursday, November 1, 2018

Kiss Me At Christmas by Valerie Bowman (Review)

Today, we have Kiss Me At Christmas, which is featuring our favorite Bow Street Runner, Daffin Oakleaf. Now in this story we learn all sorts of juicy details about his life. Don't worry all his secrets aren't reveal right away, he's like a safe when it comes to his life. We've seen Daffin in previous books. He has been quite a big help, and Valerie figured he needed his own happy ending. Seriously, the man doesn't like Christmas. Again, we learn his reasoning in the story.

Now in the last book we saw Daffin flirt with a certain Lady Regina who happens to be cousin to his good friend. There was some serious flirting in A Duke Like No Other, but nothing serious. Anyway, Regina is approaching her 30th year of life, and her Great Uncle would like to see her married and secured. Gotta love when you have an edict to marry. Anyway, the guy she's kind encourage to marry is not one of her top picks. If she had her way, she would rather be single. I wouldn't blame her meeting that pompous jerk I would want to stay single. She comes up with this bright idea to give her virginity to someone she has some interest in, which happens to be Daffin. Let me say that was probably the most awkward situation in her life. It only gets more awkward when she needs Daffin's help, because her life is in danger. The awkwardness gets a little better.

Anyway, Regina's life is in danger, and it's Daffin to the rescue. Valerie always has pretty good banter between her characters, so it's always fun to watch her characters fall madly in love. Yes, you will find there are little hiccups here and there with there romance, but it makes all so much fun to read. We get a little hints about the road ahead for the Duke of Huntley. Overall, Valerie brings another fun read to her Playful Brides books in Kiss Me At Christmas. Have a little holiday fun with Daffin and Regina.

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4 Stars

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