Sunday, July 8, 2018

Rainy Day Friends by Jill Shalvis (Review)

I started  Rainy Day Friends expecting to be a sobbing mess. There were a few moments where it was touch and go. However, I didn't become a blubbering mess, and I enjoyed the story. Lets beginning with Lanie Jacobs. She's a mess. Emotionally she lost her confidence, and that's all on her husband. He did a number on her and she didn't know until he passed away. Which makes her want to close off from people. What he did was probably worse than a lot of things. Anyway, emotional reck and developed an anxiety issues. Then we have Mark Capriotti who is dealing with his own issues. He has a nosey family, and is raising twin girls. One of the girls doesn't speak a word, but understand whats going on around her.

So, we have two characters who both have a lot on their plates. We have Lanie who has basically sworn off men, while we have Mark who has burn by an ex and doesn't really want to form lasting relationship. Plus, he uses his daughters as a human shield. He uses the excuse that his daughters need to come first. Which is fine, and they should, but you shouldn't use them as an excuse not to get burned again. As we read the story, we see that they worm under each others skin.

Then we have River. Now River basically has hunted down Lanie, because they are linked together. However, Lanie doesn't know this, but develops a friendship with River. This makes Rivers task harder than expected. This budding friendship does go through a lot through the story, and it almost ruins Lanie and Mark's relationship. Not in the way you are thinking.

Anyway, Rainy Day Friends is mainly about two women trying to find a fresh start, but they need get pass their past. They have to work together figure out how they can merge forward. Also, there's a little romance. A romance that helps Mark and Lanie that helps them put faith in love again. Rainy Day Friends is a great story for a book club selections, because of all the themes that are going on in this story. So, if you are in need of a book club selection, you might give Rainy Day Friends a try.

Copy provided by Harper Collins.

4 Stars

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