Friday, October 27, 2017

The Duke by Katharine Ashe (Review)

I'm seriously in the minority here, but I wasn't a fan of The Duke. Yes, I know. It's rough even admitting this fact. I totally struggled with the story. Honestly, I struggled with Amarantha. At the beginning of the story she's extremely naïve about life and love. She has high hopes about her marriage to Reverend Paul Garland. Pompous jerk in my opinion, and we don't see a lot of him. Even after she meets Gabriel Hume, she still set on her course to married Garland. Seriously, Gabe was a better match for Amarantha. However, she's extremely stubborn. She's stubborn throughout the story. She's a hard person to like, because she's unwilling to bend to anyone. Which is fine, but when it's not working towards her favor it's time to give in a little.

LOVE GABE! Seriously, this guy was willing to take Amarantha even after rejecting him. He saw something special about her. He even tried to get her to married him. Then his cousin was being an idiot and thought he was doing the guy a solid with his lies. Nope. Not one bit. Anyway, Gabe is willing to help Amarantha out no matter what. He even tries to convince her to marry him again. However, she's stubborn.

I struggled with Amarantha's stubbornness through most of the book. I think we had an inkling of what her marriage was like with the good Reverend I might have been a little more forgiving on her stubbornness when it came to Gabe. I truly struggle with this story. I got to a point that I probably should have stopped reading the story and DFN. However, I kept going with the pursuit that it was bound to improve. So, I wanted to strangle Amarantha, totally wanted to take Gabe in my arms and tell him to move on. Yet, the heart wants what the heart wants. He's a strong man for that. Of course the cover is absolutely amazing. It was a miss for me, but I'm part of the minority. I hope that it works for you.

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2 1/2 Stars

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