Friday, February 3, 2017

Seven Minutes in Heaven by Eloisa James (Review)

If you have read Desperate Duchesses you remember a young man Teddy now goes by Edward or in Duchess By Night you would remember a young Eugenia Strange. By the way I haven't, because I have read a couple from the Desperate Duchess and they tore me up. Seriously, some of them are emotional wrecking balls. The one that tore me up was A Duke of Her Own. By the way this is where we get a chance to really see how crazy Lady Lissette. Trust me Villiers dodged a bullet there. It wasn't until I got towards the end when I realize who Ward's mother was, and dude she was CRAZY.

Poor Ward. I mean in Four Nights With the Duke he was tossed in jail. Next he finds out he's guardian for his two half-siblings and on top that his maternal grandmother is trying to get custody of them. Good times. He just need to prove that he's a fit guardian, but he has one black mark, he's a bastard. Crap. He enlists the help of a Mrs. Snowe of Snowe's Registry Office for Select Governesses to help him look good to the courts. At the same time fight his attraction to said Mrs. Snowe.

Now Eugenia is the proprietor of her business and she's very good at helping find perfect governesses for those who need one. She's also a widow and has no desire to remove her widow weeds. She helps Ward with his problems, but they don't seem to go away after all he keeps writing to her. Now she's taken captive to help him figure out a solution to his problem.

Now the children are unique. Lizzie and Otis have been in the care of their crazy mother up until she died. They are now in the care of their brother who doesn't know how to reach out to them, but he wants them to be model citizens in order for him to them. I mean he's going up against the Duchess of Gilner.

Okay, I yammer on what the story is about. Basically, Ward and Eugenia have this attraction to one another and they have an affair while she helps him with the children. Ward her sees her as perfect, but there's one problem she's not eligible. HAHAHA. He really needs to read his Debretts. Basically, the story is a little slow to start off with, but Eloisa is great at building a story. This is what she's establishing when we get to Seven Minutes in Heaven. Once we get to the pinnacle everything starts to pick up and you watch everything unfold. Eloisa does seem to have the magic touch on having me fall in love all the characters. I love how Eugenia makes her way into each and everyone's heart, but Ward is too stubborn to realize he needs her more. I love that we see previous characters from the Desperate Duchess and it truly makes me want to revisit them and read the ones I haven't read yet. Overall, Seven Minutes in Heaven takes an unconventional heroine and a hero who is in desperate help. By the end, I was happy as a lark. Those who love Eloisa James work will love this story too.

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4 1/2 Stars

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