Friday, January 25, 2013

eARC: How to Misbehave by Ruthie Knox

Let's take a journey to Camelot, Ohio where we are about to embark on a new series from Ruthie Knox that features the Clark siblings. The first in the series is a novella called How to Misbehave. We meet the eldest Clark, Amber. Who just happens to be a sweet innocent young women and somehow gets stuck in the basement with Tony Mazzara, "the Italian Stallion," during a tornado.

Seriously, I loved this novella. Oh my gosh, Ruthie Knox has some awesome lines in her story. I mean who doesn't want to be trapped in a basement with a man who has "a dazzling smile. Like a toothpaste commercial dipped in a porn movie." Such witty remarks throughout the story makes this a pleasure worth taking.

I really love the fact Amber Clark is described as very innocent, pretty much Bambi-like. Then you have Tony Mazzara with a nickname like "the Italian Stallion," I don't think there isn't too many more words you can use to describe him. Seriously, I think that can explain everything.

Really, loved the story. I was impress with how well the story flowed and was complete. Seriously worth reading. So, if you are looking for a quick read, I would really encourage y'all to read How to Misbehave. After reading it you might have a hankering to find your own "Italian Stallion."

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