Friday, January 11, 2013

Taking A Shot by Jaci Burton

It would be a lie if I told you that I read this in a few days. I actually started Taking A Shot back in November, but things got a little crazy that month. Then December hit, so I just kept pushing this back. So, I made it my goal to finish this book. Plus, one of my friends has been waiting for me to finish the book and wondering what I thought of the story. After all,  she is the one who recommended the book. Granted the story line really intrigued me before she said, "YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!" Needless to say, I finished the book and here are my thoughts.

What caught my attention of the story was the heroine, Jenna Riley, who runs a sports bar, but doesn't like sports. WHAT! Who doesn't like sports? Seriously, I'm not a huge fan of sports, but I still like sports.  So, her mission in life is to avoid any man who is involve in sports. Which limits her options if you really think about it, because there are so few guys who are not into sports.

Pro hockey player, Tyler Anderson sees Jenna and instantly attracted to her and is determine to have her. Jock mentality. Jenna is  a tad bit attracted to Ty, but she is bound to follow her cardinal rule about avoiding jocks. Yet that won't stop Ty from trying to get with Jenna.

You know this was a pretty good read. Even before I had my friend suggest this book, I did have my eye on the book (not because the cover was smoking hot, I really did want to read this book). Honestly, I'm not huge a hockey fan, but I still enjoy this book. I love the dynamics of Jenna and Ty relationship. I love the fact that both of them can't call it a relationship, but try to find other words to describe what have to other people. Yet others can see that it is more than what they want to admit. Then both of them live in the shadow of their  insecurities and afraid to admit them. Jenna who has always lived in the shadows of her super sport star brothers; then Ty who is afraid to get into a serious relationship, because his parents rocky relationship impacted his life.

Overall, Jaci Burton's Taking A Shot left me satisfy after I finished. Who doesn't like a hot cocky hockey player, who can be is a tad bit persistent in getting what he wants. Then you have the heroine who doesn't like a sports, yet seems to be attracted to a cocky hockey player. Not to mention this book has some steamy scenes, definitely keep you warm on a cold night. So, if you are looking for something to keep you warm and interested in a hot hockey player, you might want to checkout Taking A Shot by Jaci Burton. So, I leave you today and I hope y'all are keeping warm.

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