Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Summons From The Duke (Regency Christmas Summons)

Continuing with the Regency Christmas Summons anthology with book number 2, we get see that mischievous Duke of Danby continue with his Machiavelli tendency. Good times ahead, I tell you. So, here are the next three stories in the anthology.

Loving Mister Lockwell
Jerrica Knight-Catania

Poor Lady Isabel Whitton. It's so hard when all you want to do is have your nose in the book, while the rest of your family rather see you doing other things that young ladies are suppose to do. Now she's stuck at the castle with the whole family coming. Not a great place to be for an introvert like Izzy.

Izzy's life got a little more crazier with the arrival of Lord Heathfield and his guest Mr. Damien Lockwell. Being a third son and in her mind a scoundrel and so forth. Yet, Damien can't keep himself away from Izzy, like a bug to a light. Crazy after all since he has no desire to marry, but could he change his tune?

A Second Chance for Christmas
Lilia Birney

A couple of years ago, Philip Whitton thought it would be easier to end his life in order to escape the hurt that was caused by Emily Ware when she married Mr. Barlow. However, his family was able to stop him in the nick of time. So, the Duke of Danby thought it would be a great idea to send off to Italy to study music.

Now the Duke has summoned him home, but he still feels the pain of loss. However, fate has given him a second chance of love when he comes across Emily Barlow trying to walk to the next coaching inn. Will they both be able get past the social barriers that Emily thought there was when they were last together? Or will she hurt Philip again?

Twice Upon a Time
Samantha Grace

Leander Thornhill, Baron Penlow, has come up with a scheme that will get his grandfather off his back about getting married. However his cousin, Julian Beckford fears for his cousin has lost his mind and the plan is going to crash and burn. Of course Lee is not worry at all, what can go wrong after all they are getting an actress to pretend to be his wife.

However, they capture a young woman who isn't an actress or a whore, but a midwife. Miss Felicity Halliday has a knack for taking care of people. Especially when she help take care of their Aunt Alice years ago. Now she has to masquerade as Lee's wife, but will this charade go up in smoke? Will she suffer the consequences of Lee's impulsive idea?

My thoughts on all these story: In each of the story, the Duke is still as scheming as ever. Coming close to death more times than they can count and yet still make a miraculous recovery in the nick of time. Absolutely genius. In Ms. Knight-Catania's story I enjoyed Izzy as a bookworm who would rather be in the library. Yet, she has met her match in Lockwell. In Ms. Birney's story gave hope that a second chance of love can have a happily ever after. Then Ms. Grace and her ability to make a hair brain scheme come to life.

Overall, I enjoy the Duke and his schemes to see his grandchildren married. I also enjoyed all the ladies stories, which gave hope to finding love in their stories. So, I hope you all get a chance check all the Regency Christmas Summons anthology, you might appreciate the Duke of Danby's tactics for matches.


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