Monday, February 8, 2016

Hunted By Darkness by Katie Reus (Review)

Holy moly has Katie just blew up this world. If you have been following this series, you knew there were half-demons with Bo, and we just found what Nyx was, half-fae and demigod. Boom. Yes, we knew that Bo had a half-sister, but wait there's more. Guess what there is more Bo relatives. I'm kind of excited about we get to meet them in Hunted By Darkness.

Okay, I loved Taste of Darkness and Drake. Drake was oh so yummy. I don't know I think Bo might be tie with Drake on faves, because Bo is awesome. Oh my, he's uber protective over Nyx, but when they sucked into a hell realm he totally goes possessive and protective. Then he's trying to keep his half-demon under control. Extremely hard task. We also get a visual of his half demon, by the way Nyx totally digs.

Book high. Love Hunted By Darkness, because we get to meet Bo's half-brothers and he's not sure on how he feels about them or if he should trust them. Honestly, I can't wait their stories. We get to meet new characters I'm like I want them to find their mate. The list seems to go on and on. I can't wait to see who Katie writes about next. Also with new characters we see new creatures and how they fit into this world. Amazaballs!

Anyway, totally love Nyx and Bo. As I said totally love his possessive protective side. I think it's totally cute, because Bo sees Nyx as this quiet innocent creature that he's afraid to corrupt. Nyx is awesome, because she's all that Bo thinks but with great power. We see it demonstrated. It's scary crazy on what she can do. When they finally come together they calm each other down.

Love Hunted By Darkness so hard. I'm going to list them: 1) Bo and Nyx. 2) Checking out Hell Realm 3) Meet more Bo's family 3) Nyx puts her father in check, which he needed to. 4) Drake's mother is scary, but awesome. Crazy scary. 5) We are going to get more books. YES!!!!!! I love this so hard, but that's me. Those who have enjoyed the previous Darkness books are probably going to love this or at least I hope.

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5 Stars

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