Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Curse of Lord Standstead by Mia Marlowe (Review)

When I started Mia Marlowe's The Curse of Lord Stanstead, I thought it started a little slow. Then again we are building this world where we have people that have extraordinary powers among normal people. Actually, the characters reminded me of another group of extraordinary people know as the X-Men. Yep, this would be the regency version of the X-Men. So, if you love romance and X-Men you have met your match.

Anyway, we have Duke of Camden (kind of like Professor Xavier) who searches out this people with extra abilities, brings them in, and helps them harness their powers. He notices that there is someone with powers in the Darkin home, but he's not sure who. He sends Garret Sterling to find the person and bring them back. Garret finds Cassandra and is about to cause fire Almacks. Basically Garret and Cassandra begin their relationship shortly after meeting. It's not because of love, but out of necessity of controlling Cassie's powers.

So, the first part of The Curse of Lord Stanstead is helping Cassie to control her powers and she has to release some of her energy through relations with a person. I don't know how that all works, so I'm going to let that go. However, each assignment leads up to what happens to at the end. Yep, going vague here. Things start to speed up towards the end and something terrible happens to Cassie. What happens to Cassie breaks my heart, because she finds someone she could love and it's taken away. I have to say that I do love how Garret was willing to sacrifice himself to be with Cassie.

Overall, The Curse of Lord Stanstead is pretty good once you get passed the halfway point. First half they are building a working relationship and once they enter the field together things start to change between them. We also have Garret trying to shield himself away from Cassie, because he doesn't want the same fate to happen to her as his last girl. So, if you like the X-Men and romance novels you might checkout The Curse of Lord Stanstead out.

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