Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sweet Surprise by Candis Terry (Review)

Today's read was Candis Terry's Sweet Surprise. Let me just say that this story was super sweet that it could give you a cavity. It was sweet and mushy in all the right places. However, don't let that fool you, because there are moments where it was getting a little hot. One scene had me thinking of Nelly's Hot In Herre, I completely lost it with the giggles. Trust me that scene was hot and loved every moment. Anyway, I better get on with the rest of my thoughts.

Fiona is just too adorable. Seriously, she's like the cupcakes she makes, but there is more to her. Well, she's still friends with her ex-husband and his new fiancee, which would normally awkward for most. Yet, she knows that they are suppose to be together. She puts her daughter first. With her being super sweet and caring she tends to put others before herself. Her best friend had to point out that she deserve more:
"I know. But you my friend, deserve a man who looks at you with such love he can't stand to blink. I just don't understand why you keep yourself wrapped up so tight you won't give anyone a chance."
Here fear was she was going turn back to Naughty Fiona. Naughty Fiona does make a quick appearance in the story, but for the most part the good Fiona stays most of the book. *Snort*

Now Mike has the hots for Fiona, but there's the Bro-Code in place. You know the one that states you don't touch another Bro's ex.  Boy he sticks to that sucker like there is no tomorrow, but he's no match for Jana Wilder. Now that woman can make sure she gets her way no matter what. She would be Match Maker Extraordinaire. However, he kind of lets his divorce almost taint what he could have with Fiona. Good thing he comes to his sense. Silly man.

I adore these two, because take things super slow. Both of them feel that they should rush things, because they are both divorcees. Plus, Fiona has a daughter she has to look after. Overall, Sweet Surprise is definitely a sweet read with a little dash of heat. It's a dash, but enough to spice things up. I would compare it to a chocolate truffle with a coating of cayenne pepper. Basically, if you are looking for that sweetness with a dash of heat, you might give Sweet Surprise a taste.

Favorite Sappy moment when Jana says the sweetest thing to Fiona:
She reached out and cradled Fiona's cheek in her palm. "Sugarplum, I may have given birth to five boys, but you are a daughter of my heart. Divorce from my son doesn't sever the love I have for you. Nothing ever will." She gave Fiona's cheek a gentle pat. "You remember that."
It's okay to grab your tissue.

Copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss

4 1/2 Stars

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