Friday, February 6, 2015

Hunter Reborn by Katie Reus (Review)

All right, Hunter Reborn is the fifth book in the Moon Shifter series. This is my second book I have read in this series, and granted I was able to get along fine without reading the others. However, I'm going to strongly encourage to read the from the beginning. I'm pretty sure I'm missing stuff, but I have managed so far. Anyway, I guess we should focus on this story.

All right, we have Aiden. I really like him. Whats not to love about him? I mean he's been without his mate for 60 years believing she's been dead. So, he kind of helps others realize that they should seize the moment if they have their mates right in front of them. Plus, he has a wicked sense of humor. However, all that changes when he finds his mate Larissa after all these years, but here's the kicker she doesn't remember him and not sure to trust him. Ooh, ouch. Of course, his inner wolf is going crazy. There we have an awesome story waiting for us.

You know what, I love Hunter Reborn. Man it's filled with action and danger. Yes, I know that's usually Katie's style. However, she executes it well. So, you see Aiden trying to keep his inner wolf in check will trying to convince Larissa he's a good guy. Not an easy task since he remembers all the good times and she has no recollection. While trying to reconnect they need to find out what the hell is going that is making some vampires go crazy. I do love how Katie incorporates memories of the past to Larissa. Some of those moments are absolutely sweet, and slowly help Larissa. This is one of the stories I kept telling myself one more chapter. I love the story, and I actually liked seeing a few of the other characters coming to terms about mating. Overall, this is an action packing read that has you guessing. Also, one of the stories that I would love to tell you every single detail, because I loved the story.

Copy provided by Penguin via NetGalley


  1. I need to give these a read. They're on my tbr pile :D One day. One day. :D

  2. I need to go back and read the beginning, but I have enjoyed them.