Friday, August 8, 2014

Bound to Danger by Katie Reus

I was able to start the second book in Katie Reus Deadly Ops series. The next book is Bound to Danger. You still fine an action pack read that's filled with danger. 

All right, so in Bound to Danger, we meet Cade O'Reilly and Maria Cervantes. Cade and Maria had a budding relationship eight years. Once Maria's brother died, Cade shut himself off from Maria. I know pretty jacked up. Jump ahead eight years later and they are reunited, too bad it couldn't be under pleasant circumstances. Now Maria life is in danger and Cade feels he's the only man who can make sure no harm comes to her. 
Like the previous Deadly Ops book there is just as much danger and excitement. Right from the start you have explosion and it continues throughout the story. Of course you have the bad guys, but you actually do understand where they are coming from. I actually don't blame for what they did and didn't want to do it out of malice, but revenge. If the villain's sister weren't harm, they wouldn't have done what they have done. Then again we wouldn't have a story. At the same time, we meet up with Levi and we get a little more about his wife's death in the story. So, we are building his story. I hope he finds justice. 

Overall, it's action pack thrilling read. I enjoyed the rebuild of Cade and Maria's relationship. At first, I thought I wasn't sure if I was going to like Maria, but I warmed up to her. You gotta love Cade cause he's just so brash and we need to do things my way. Seriously, Katie doesn't disappoint in her writing and I can't wait for more Deadly Ops books. I can't wait for Levi's story, because you gotta love a rogue Ops guy. 

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